The name ‘Burmese’ originates from the country of Burma where Wong Mau, who is considered to be the mother of the breed, came from. According to folklore, Burmese ancestors were kept as sacred animals in the temples and monasteries of Burma. They even had personal servants!

Burmese are strong, elegant cats of a foreign type with sleek, glossy coats. They are quite heavy, muscular cats with slender legs, neat, oval paws and a straight tail of medium thickness, which tapers to a rounded tip. The head forms a short wedge with a slightly rounded top and the ears are rounded at the tip. The eyes are large, lustrous and golden yellow in colour, without any trace of green.

Burmese Cats are very popular world-wide and are justifiably known as ‘The Connoisseurs Cat’ amongst those that are looking for a Pedigree Cat.

As a breed, Burmese Cats are very companionable, ultra friendly and interactive and will quickly become part of the family. Cuddly, confident and sociable - that’s the Burmese! It’s not just their glossy coat that has the wow factor; their personalities are just as impressive. And at the same time they possess a delightful and incredible outgoing personality. They love people and people love them!

If you’re looking for an outgoing, lively cat who wants to be part of your family, then the Burmese is for you.
Burmese cats love the company of people and other cats and are happy to stay close to home - though I prefer indoor homes, or a cat-safe garden. Once you have had a Pedigree Burmese Cat in your life, you will never want to be without one!

Our cats are bred with thought, careful research bearing in mind the prevention of genetic problems and love, using show quality established studs to mate with our resident queens. After birthing and registering over 100 kittens, the anticipation of a new litter is always exciting!

Toxotis Kittens are friendly, confident, playful, exceptionally intelligent, loving and affectionate. Our kittens inherit the beauty
and characteristics of their parents and forebears.

Toxotis Kittens are raised at home, reared from birth with love, play, attention and a loving feline and human environment!

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