Hi, I’m Diana and I have been breeding/showing first Bengals and now Burmese from my home near Kew,
W. London since 1997.

My breed prefix (registered with the GCCF and FIFe) is 'TOXOTIS'. This is Greek for 'hunting' so fits nicely
with my name. It was also the name of a Cretan villa where I met the man that became my husband.

I have two active Burmese breeding queens (Misty and Mocha) with excellent pedigrees
(both Hypokalaemia normal). Koffe is a retired Burmese and Pinky (now 17) is a retired Bengal.
Naturally all my cats are pets first and stay with us for their natural lives.

It is always a privilege to oversee the birth of kittens and as of February 2015
Mocha's first litter are just leaving home.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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Bengals and Burmese are very different in both appearance and temperament. I have happy memories of my Bengal Kittens and if you
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